Boys Cross Country


Front Row (L to R): Brad Hotovy (Allendale), Matthew Schmidt (Spring Lake), Cameron Thalhammer (Spring Lake), Andrew Hylen (Spring Lake), Andrew Hylen (Spring Lake), Chase Mendham (Coopersville)
Second Row (L to R): Malachi Mills (GR West Catholic), Tommee Smith (Sparta), Henok Ghirmay (Spring Lake), Ben Hylen (Spring Lake), Dylan Sykes (GR Catholic Central)
Not Pictured: Reid Parsons (Comstock Park), Sam Borisch (Comstock Park)

Girls Cross Country


Front Row (L to R): Bekah VanderHelm (Allendale), Julia Adams (GR Catholic Central), Kateri Mills (GR West Catholic), Sophie Trudgeon (GR Catholic Central), Taylor Rebone (Spring Lake)
Second Row (L to R): Kori Baumann (Allendale), Racheal Bolton (Sparta), Christina Berna (Allendale), Amber Mango (Allendale), Maggie Cooper (Spring Lake), Sarah McLachlan (GR Catholic Central)



Front Row (L to R): Max Vicari (GR Catholic Central), Nate Robbins (Sparta), Isaiah Pierce (Spring Lake), Josef Hissom (Spring Lake), Cameron Ball (Spring Lake), Chad Wildman (GR West Catholic), Connor Bolthouse (GR West Catholic)
Second Row (L to R): Drew Couturier (Allendale), Anthony Post (Sparta), Ryan Oldenburg (Sparta), Brett Taylor (Comstock Park), Antonio Strong (GR Catholic Central), JoJo Whitley (Comstock Park), Zack Lee (GR West Catholic), Nathaniel Mitchell (GR West Catholic)
Third Row (L to R): Jalen Mayfield (GR Catholic Central), Anthony Shukis (GR Catholic Central), Mike Brown (GR Catholic Central), Derek Saukas (GR Catholic Central), Nolan Fugate (GR Catholic Central), David Fox (GR West Catholic), Brock Bardwell (Allendale)
Back Row (L to R): Sam Nevielle (GR West Catholic), Kameron Mayers (Allendale), Jake Domanski (Coopersville), Adam Ginn (Allendale), Nate Umlor (Allendale), Ben Vereeke (Allendale), Colton Kloote (Allendale)
Not Pictured: Justin Caine (Sparta)

Girls Golf


Front Row (L to R): Madelyn Nelson (Spring Lake), Phoebe Saunders (Spring Lake), Anna Kramer (Spring Lake), Gabrielle Wierda (GR Catholic Central)
Second Row (L to R): Jaedyn Sheton (Spring Lake), Jacqueline Olszewski (Spring Lake), Hannah Klein (Spring Lake), Brianna Lampe (Coopersville)
Not Pictured: Amelia Gonzalez (Northpointe Christian), Meredith Schrock (Northpointe Christian)

Boys Soccer


Front Row (L to R): Kyle Pickney (Sparta), Matt Mauer (Sparta), Ben Bouwhuis (Spring Lake), Fernando Garcia (GR Catholic Central), Yaya Hoban (GR Catholic Central), Mark Adema (Coopersville)
Second Row (L to R): Andrew James (GR West Catholic), Christian Galloway (GR West Catholic), Noah Hughes (GR Catholic Central), Ryan Zseitlow (Spring Lake), Nathan Nyamoga (Comstock Park), Finn Aungst (Allendale), Bruce Boes (Spring Lake)
Back Row (L to R): Josh Steffes (GR Catholic Central), Alec Winden (GR Catholic Central), Baruch Kamps (Spring Lake), Nolan Frye (Coopersville), Dylan Constantine (Spring Lake), Trent Fritsma (Coopersville), Bradley Devien (Spring Lake)

Boys Tennis


Front Row (L to R): Brennan Maslowski (Sparta), Justin Bradford (Sparta), Ben Clay (GR Catholic Central), Jacob DeRoos (Coopersville), Truman Lee (Coopersville), Sean Kosnik (GR West Catholic)
Second Row (L to R): David Luczyk (GR West Catholic), Flemming Mohr (Coopersville), Logan Davis (Kelloggsville), Jack Dausman (Coopersville), Collin Layson (Spring Lake), John Jokubowski (GR Catholic Central), Parker Keas (Comstock Park)
Back Row (L to R): Will Richard (GR Catholic Central), Jack Liszewski (GR Catholic Central), Jack Vanwingen (Spring Lake), Ben Beekman (GR West Catholic), Anderson Ryan (GR West Catholic), Ian Worthington (GR Catholic Central)
Not Pictured: Johnny Stob (GR Catholic Central), Austin Koenes (Northpointe Christian)



Front Row (L to R): Emily Dubinsky (GR Catholic Central), Shelby Rasch (Coopersville), Brooke Norder (GR West Catholic), Morgan Hipp (GR West Catholic), Olivia Grimmer (Spring Lake)
Second Row (L to R): Theres Ens (GR Catholic Central), Brooke Nicholson (GR Catholic Central), Danielle Johnston (Comstock Park), Aubrey Hausig (Coopersville), Kayla Salyer (Coopersville), Kate Nawrocki (GR West Catholic), Mackenzie Krueger (GR West Catholic)

Photo credit: Douglas Photography

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