Winter 2016-17 O-K White All-Conference

2016-17 O-K White All-Conference Athletes for the Winter Season.

Boys Basketball – Front Row (L-R) Trent Summerfield (FHN), Tyler Black (FHN), Sal Sidebotham (FHC), Tyler George (FHC)
Middle Row (L-R) Nelson McCauley (OH), Matt Beachler (LOW), Tommy Lewis (NOR)
Back Row (L-R) Jameson Pavelka (CS), Austin Branagan (LOW), Keegan Cossou (GRN), Jahvion Lockridge (OH)

Boys Bowling – Front Row (L-R) Logan Smith (LOW), Dugan Conely (CS), DJ Simpson (LOW), Jeremy Cornell (FHN)
Back Row (L-R) Jake Coppock (NOR), Wyatt Gee (NOR), Carson Clark (LOW), Collin Clark (LOW), Dan Frey (NOR)

Competitive Cheer – Front Row (L-R) Hannah LaFave (FHN), Skylar St. John (FHN), Jordan Thiede (FHN)
Middle Row (L-R) Kacie Uhall (CS), Jenna Zoerman (CS), Sophie Mihlethaler (CS), Gabby Endres (CS)
Back Row (L-R) Alex Thiessen (NOR), Gabrielle Hensley (FHN), ShiLeigh Shepard (LOW), Morgan Cremer (LOW), Kimmie Clouatre (LOW)
Not pictured – Hannah Cederquist (CS)

Girls Basketball – Front Row (L-R) Landon Kemp (GRN), Brighton Miller (CS), Madi WInter (FHC)
Middle Row (L-R) Cassie Dean (LOW), Ali Sparling (CS), Adele Kemp (GRN), Megan George (NOR)
Back Row (L-R) Regan Coxon (LOW), Claire Baguley (FHC), Paige Hallock (GRN), Alexis Hill (FHN), Beth Chick (FHN)

Girls Bowling – Front Row (L-R) Abbi Brewer (NOR), Laura Frey (NOR), Alivia Oley (NOR), Omani Morales (CS)
Back Row (L-R) Kelly Keen (NOR), Sarah Galloway (CS), Breanna Feikema (CS), Morgan Allison (LOW)
Not pictured – Hailey Beaufait (FHC)

Wrestling – Front Row (L-R) Nick Korhorn (LOW), Dawson Jankowski (LOW), James Fotis (LOW), Stephen Hilliker (GRN), Tren Bartrum (GRN)
Middle Row (L-R) Austin Boone (LOW), Avry Mutschler (LOW), Lucus Prenton (CS), Bryce Dempsey (LOW)
Back Row (L-R) Isaac Torrey (FHC), Ryan Ringler (CS), David Kruse (LOW), Connor Bruinius (FHN), Patrick DePiazza (CS)

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