Winter 2017-18 O-K White All-Conference

2017-18 O-K White All-Conference Athletes for the Winter Season.

Boys Basketball – Front row (L-R) Tyler George (FHC), Cody Tierney (NOR), Will Hawkins (FHN), Zach Mulheisen (NOR)
Middle row (L-R) Jimmy Scholler (FHC), Jarred Reyers (CS), Brockton Kohler (GRN)
Back row (L-R) Trent Summerfield (FHN), Ryan Dunn (FHC), Mitch O’Gorman (LOW), Nelson McCauley (OH)

Girls Basketball – Front row (L-R) Adele Kemp (GRN) Madi Winter (FHC), Brighton Miller (CS), Sha’kyia Parker (NOR)
Middle row (L-R) Claire Baguley (FHC), Cassie Dean (LOW), Regan Coxon (LOW)
Back row (L-R) Samantha Underhill (NOR), Beth Chick (FHN), Shaina Figures (OH), Emily Depew (LOW)

Boys Bowling – Front row (L-R) Kaleb Fisk (CS), Dan Frey (NOR), Jared Caniff (CS), Joshua Hamilton (CS)
Back row (L-R) Matt Kamps (NOR), Wyatt Gee (NOR), Carson Clark (LOW), Collin Clark (LOW), Dane Conely (CS)

Girls Bowling – Front row (L-R) Emma Blakie (LOW), Omani Morales (CS), Laura Frey (NOR), Summer Ledford (NOR)
Back row (L-R) Alivia Oley (NOR), Michayla Paige (CS), Sarah Galloway (CS), Laura Lachowski (LOW), Julia Frey (NOR)

Competitive Cheer – Front row (L-R) Jordan Thiede (FHN), Kyra Snyder (LOW), Alexandra Thiessen (NOR), Elayna Male (CS)
Middle row (L-R) Jas’monae Hughes (OH), Remy Tittel (FHC), Maija Dickens (FHC), Sophie Mihlethaler (CS), Emily Pierson (CS)
Back row (L-R) ShiLeigh Shepard (LOW), Kaley Louck (CS), Sarah Siskonen (FHN), Ava Gilbert (FHN), Gabrielle Hensley (FHN),
Gabby Endres (CS)
Not pictured: Grace Conn (FHC)

Wrestling – Front row (L-R) Nick Korhorn (LOW), Bryce McCune (LOW), Tyler Lynch (LOW), D’Andre Sage (GRN)
Middle row (L-R) Jacob Galinis (CS), Channing Perry (LOW), Austin Boone (LOW), Lucas Pienton (CS), Doak Dean (LOW)
Back row (L-R) David Kruse (LOW), Ryan Ringler (CS), Keigan Yuhas (LOW), Connor Nugent (LOW)
Not pictured: Jared Pomental (GRN)

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