The members of the O.K. Conference recognize interscholastic athletics as being an integral part of those total educational experiences that are made available to the youth of our schools. Therefore, the Conference supports only those activities and the schedules that are educationally and physically sound for the student participant, and subscribes to the following:

A. We believe that the Board of Education, having legal authority, should delegate full and complete responsibility for the athletic program to the superintendent of schools, and the superintendent, in turn, will delegate such authority as the local situation may require. In all instances, this delegated authority will rest with the high school principal. The principal may delegate further responsibilities to the athletic director or faculty designee.

B. We believe that each school should maintain an overall athletic policy consistent with the codes for the administration of athletics found in the handbook of the MHSAA.

C. We believe that members of the coaching staff and administrators of the athletic program should be recommended to the Board of Education and appointed to their positions in the same manner as other members of the teaching staff.

D. We believe that those persons having responsible positions in connection with other schools’ athletic programs should be protected from undue community influences to the same extent that any classroom teacher enjoys protection.

E. We believe that good citizenship and good sportsmanship are the chief aims of the athletic program. Therefore, the school administration will endeavor to acquaint students and school patrons with these desirable objectives.